(pre.) what is influencia?

influencia is a blogger mentoring platform dedicated to helping bloggers make more out of their write-ups. Our continued efforts are toward ensuring bloggers become the prime choice for influencer activations without losing out on their own brand essence, thus empowering the ever-expanding and evolving blogger community.


(v.) build your influence

Not another directory of bloggers.

We not only help monetising your equity, but also establishing your influence by offering recommendations on the engagement styles and assistance on the technical filters.

Register. Follow. Upscale.


(v.) capitalise your influence

Not another directory of bloggers.

We not only help establishing your influence, but also in monetising your equity by providing opportunities to guest blog, review, participate in branded contests and more.

Register. Follow. Monetise.

About Us

(n.)the word matters

The potential of the written word can light the path from the "influencer" to the "influenced" & stimulates informed decisions for consumers today.

influencia as a blogger mentoring platform helps bloggers use the might of their word to rake in the power of such influence. influencia is a word-in-progress for the ever evolving community.

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influencia will help you make the most out of your story-telling prowess

So come, register, and keep writing!

In the word-matters, we will help make your word count.


(v.) partner with influencia

When the written word matters, bloggers bring an authenticity in detailing a brand’s experience. There is truly nothing more powerful than “I tried it and I love it” when it comes to influencing choice.

Make your marketing efforts count. Unleash the power of influence.

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Start Guru

(n.) I Am An Entrepreneur

Have your imagination run wild and share an idea for a start-up in your own inimitable style. It could be a dream project waiting to be realized, or a stroke of plain genius that can ride the Start-Up India wave… Just keep the idea original and present it your way using #MyStartupIdea. Amazing prizes to be won!

Your idea could be crazy, innovative, empowering... Present it your own way; as long as you believe in the idea, we believe in you!

Prizes to Win:
And merchandise for all participants!
Go on, participate already!
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Start Guru is a start-up community platform that celebrates the spirit of entrepreneurship. #MyStartupIdea is an initiative by Start Guru to spread the seeds of entrepreneurship in the blogosphere.

Contest Rules

  • All entries should have hashtag #MyStartupIdea
  • Only original entries written for the contest are allowed 
  • Multiple entries allowed 
  • Each entry will have a link to www.start-guru.in 
  • Entries are judged on creativity of the idea and its presentation in the blog post 
  • Contest rules are liable to change at the discretion of Start Guru
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