(n.) Not just another follower base calculator

Our data scientists have developed a metric to give you a quantitative analysis of these handpicked influencers by studying their social media profiles and benchmark it with the help of an inQscore.

How’s the inQscore calculated?

We’ve devised an algorithm which considers the dynamic nature of influencers’ profile and calculates an inQscore, based on the performance and activity on their social media profiles.

What’s in it for brands?

Shortlisting the right influencers is now made easy!

inQscores are reflected in real-time audit of campaigns run via influencia, also allowing you to calculate the net effectiveness of the campaign, with reportia.

What’s in it for Influencers?

While you know your fellow influencers, it is important to know how you can win over them. A little healthy competition will only raise your scope of improvement. With a high inQscore, the chances of monetising get better, and of course, you get bragging rights in the influencer community.