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What’s in it for your brand?

Spoilt for choices? Why not? Everyone claims to be an influencer who wants to work with your brand. At influencia, we help you handpick the most relevant influencers based on your brand category and campaign objective(s).

How do we do that?

Our team does a qualitative analysis for every influencer that registers with us. Our data scientists have developed a metric to give you a quantitative analysis of these handpicked influencers by studying their social media profiles and benchmark it with the help of an inQscore. reportia is another enabler to help you escape those Excel Sheets to analyse the campaign effectiveness in real-time.

Know why your brand needs influencers…

Advertising is a science of persuasion but what works best in the new age is if brands are presented in a casual setting without the target audience feeling cornered with invasive advertising.

We foresee influencer marketing becoming an essential element of the marketing mix, as it produces a PR force which will support your brand throughout its life cycle.

While our approach is modern, our values are still conventional! We at influencia believe ‘word-of- mouth’ and ‘power of suggestion’ are still the most effective factors that coax buying decisions and alter brand positioning.