About Us

(n.) the word matters

influencia is simply the 'power of the word'. We believe that influencer marketing is the catalyst for brands to cross the chasm, influencers offer a unique lens for a brand to relate to its community and earn its trust.

In an era, where content has become powerful, we at influencia bring content creators and brands together. Our technology, our knowhow and more importantly, our team are agents of change to support the evolving influencer marketing landscape.

Our in-house expertise helps to successfully develop, manage and optimise influencer marketing campaigns from start to finish. Including strategists, producers, influencer project managers, designers, a video production team, developers, digital marketing analysts and social media experts.

What more, our patented InQScore frequently audits to ensure quality content creators. Leading influencers are given a thought leader status on our platform to help other budding influencers.

At influencia - the word matters... connect with us to unleash the power of your brand's conversations!